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cenografia_9TH SCHOOL

A group of eight French stage design students meet monthly at the Théâtre de Nanterre-Amandiers, to create together, workshop by workshop, the French schools' pavilion at the Prague Quadrennial, under the artistic direction of Philippe Quesne.

What is a scenography school? What can a school do? Can't we invent a school with no fixed space, no need to define itself and its territory, but a school that only functions when it's on the move?
A school of mobility, on the move and constantly on the move. In an attempt to reflect on these questions, our school, inside a truck, proposed a program at the Prague Quadrennial with a radio station, video-projections, performances, a convivial space... to talk about and reflect on the study of scenography today.

With : Ariane Chapelet, Bianca Dacosta, Léa Chardin, Simon Restino, Shehrazad Dermé, Clothilde Valette, Lucie Mazières, Estelle Baverel, Camille Ranson.

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, French Pavillion, 2019.

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