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performance_vidéo_MÉMORIA D'ÁGUA 2019

The research for my dissertation at EnsAD was a form of sensitive cartography, where to try and understand the memory of water in our bodies, in the city and in nature, I presented artists and philosophers who have thought about water, the flow of water and the relationship with the human body.

This research brought me to performance, putting my body in the sea and analyzing my bodily sensations, using video to think of a form of notation of my body's movement in water.

As I go through my memories, trying to recall things and establish links with the time and space of my life, water is something that constantly comes to mind. Perhaps because it has always been with me or, as Marcel Proust put it, because it is my best memory and my lost memory.

The body in water is a place of exchange with its environment, it's like being a porous membrane between inside and outside. It's the connection between the water matter inside our body and the water matter around us. It's a kind of tension and collision between the inner self and the physical self. It's where the limits of our body meet the limits of the outside world, and where they simply become infinite.

Having that feeling of water, it completely builds your memory. The more possibilities we experience, the more our memories are directed. That is to say, when you experience the possibility of being underwater, breathing, looking at animals that normally you can only see from above, and being next to them, sharing their habitat for a while.... Opening up this possibility also opens up the possibility of linking up our memories to make a memory.

Mémoire de l'eau
Lacanau, France 2019
Performance - Vidéo 5:00
Vidéo Guido Vilela

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