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performance_ESPAÇOS 2017



How to think about the possibilities of a space; constructing, deconstructing, the space itself ... What characterizes a space and what can we do with it?

From different types of materials, this performance offers the possibility to build and destroy a space: in continuous actions on the construction, housing and movement of the performers that create relationships with the viewer, the body and the space, all of these constructions.

These mobile places and the instability of construction that comes with the fact that everything is to be destroyed summons these spaces of instability, these fluctuations and movements that affect us all. 

Performers: Larissa Emi, Guilherme Hinzs, Daniela Barbosa, Helen Barbosa
Realized in the framework of studies l'EnsAD, Évenements Spectaculaires au Centquatre-Paris

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