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performance_vidéo_TERRA PERDIDA 2019

Terra Perdida is a video-performance that echoes a world that, according to Yanomami mythology (Brazil), has already fallen. The scenography that surrounds us, whether in the installation of the work or in our daily lives, shows that we are already in a world of ruins. Because according to the book The Fall of Heaven, the sky of the Amazon fell with the arrival of the European colonizers. For the shamans, therefore, it has since been necessary to restructure it in order to continue to (over)live.

In the video-performance, it is possible to see bodies that inhabit ruins. Made of plaster, their habitat shows the collapse of civilizations at the same time as a fragile space. This set reveals a mistr
eated territory, a land isolated from its primary function, whose destruction is illustrated here by the projection of satellite images of the Amazon rainforest disappearing from the sky.


Through a game of alternating sharp and blurred images, the video invites the viewer to activate the gaze to cross the narrow boundaries that separate dream from reality. It shows sometimes fragmented bodies, discovering themselves and discovering others. Their encounter is ambiguous, contradictory, oscillating between care and extermination.

The performance was created from improvisation exercises in relation to this hostile environment. A composition that questions our human relationship to this destruction. These bodies - moving matter - sometimes pixelated, suggest a possible mutation linked to technology, a contemporary hybridization.

Terra Perdida is a hybrid work where video, performance and installation merge. It is about questioning our context of chaos and threat, of a world in danger of collapse, questioning from a western point of view.


Performers: Isabella Aurora, Iris Medeiros, Wesley Roque et Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria
Design Sonore: Yann Le Frit - Vidéo Mapping: Raoni Vidal - Photographie et Vidéo: Johan Lartigau

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