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residência_villa-arson_ALEX 2020


Alex was the name given to the storm that hit the south of France in October 2020, a meteorological phenomenon that inspired this series created during a residency at Villa Arson. The Mediterranean episode of the storm and the sinuous movements of the rivers that carry their sediments into the Mediterranean basin became for me a poetic theme, allowing me to create this series from the impact that hit Saint Laurent du Var;
Tempête Alex; series of analog photos, dimensions variable

Vague Chaud; series of watercolors based on satellite images of the storm and created from pigments extracted from tree branches collected on the beach, dimensions variable

Autopoiesis; video-performance, based on my own relationship with pieces of trees and roots I picked up on the beach, this performance was created with Maëlle Chabrillat and Isabella Aurora from improvisational movements in relation to the pieces of 'trees'. The video questions the human impact in the face of natural disasters. The relationship between life and death and our current moment of collapse is brought from issues such as balance, support and impact. 4:00 Video

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