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série_tapetes_O DIA DO FOGO 2020


On 10 August 2019, the Amazon was the scene of a tragic event organised by farmers, businessmen and lawyers that shocked the world. The so-called "day of fire", encouraged by Jair Bolsonaro's anti-environmental policies, caused more than 478 areas to burn down that day. One year on, the Amazon rainforest continues to burn. Deforestation in the last few years of the Bolsonaro government has increased by 80% and has considerably intensified the destruction of indigenous lands.
The Day of the Fire is an installation of sublimation-printed carpets with satellite images of the areas affected by the fire that day. The images show us a forest that is disappearing from the territory due to its accelerated destruction.


"The Brazilian artist Bianca Dacosta is also initiating a visual research closely linked to her political commitment. We all remember 10 August 2019, a date that shocked the world. On that date, now known as the Day of Fire, the Amazon was the scene of a tragic event: farmers, businessmen and lawyers set fire to more than 478 forest areas to reclaim farmland.
Deforestation during the years of the Bolsonaro government increased by 82% and greatly increased the destruction of indigenous lands. By printing these forests destroyed by fire on this carpet that is trampled underfoot, the artist reveals the criminal act of deforestation and questions the visible face of anti-environmental policy in Brazil."

Collective exhibition Origins, Carreau du Temple 2023
Curated by COAL, Lauranne Germon

Series of sublimation-printed rugs
Group exhibition, 2020, Pantin
Amanhã há de ser um outro dia - Tomorrow will be another day
Curated by Sofia Lanusse, studio Ivan Argote et Sandra Hegedus

Group show, 2021, Espace Krajcberg, Paris Vivants! curated by the espace

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