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escultura_MÉMORIAS DE NAZARÉ 2022



Memórias de Nazaré is a piece that appropriates the idea of the dresser, this everyday object, which is used to store common accessories, here it contains in its drawers layers of memory. Each drawer is made up of a photograph that overlapping propose this complex web of geological veins that tell the history and marks of this territory and the erasure of the forest peoples who lived in Nazaré and its surroundings.

This piece keeps and at the same time cares for the memory of these erased, forgotten or denied events. The box has four drawers where the geological veins are interwoven by transparency:

- Clay used by forest peoples as a base for construction.
- Soil on a soybean plantation
- Tractor marks in an agro-industrial field.
- Rubber extraction marks on the body of a rubber tree.

Interview about the work in Français:

Interview about the photo series in Français:

Design d'objet from Alphée Grand

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