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série_TRAÇOS 2018

I've always liked to observe the time of things, and I remember keeping traces of the things that happened to me, perhaps as a way of capturing not only the present moment but also the memory of that moment. The memory of water in things leaves a trace, a stain. The line can be a form of continuous flow. The image formed is a marker of the moment, which is in constant transformation.

From the traces of seepage in my parents' home, to the termites and humidity in my house, to Rio, to the stones that have passed through me so much, to the earth. I continued to observe and collect this tangle of traces, trajectories, shapes and their ancestors. The stones and soils of Brazil retain their marks, a whole memory of drawings and colors.
Sedimentation, the wearing away of rocks and soil by wind and water, forms deposits, memories... it's nature at work in its own time.

Traces is a series of silver photographs that explore the memory of water in different materials, surfaces and superimpositions.

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